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Meet Sailor Olivia Wyatt

Published on 12/12/2023
Olivia Wyatt will join us after Sunday Racing on 12/17 - Come out and see her presentation and Q & A.

Olivia is an award-winning filmmaker, TV producer, writer and USCG certified 50-Ton Captain. She grew up landlocked in Little Rock, Arkansas but as soon as she met the sea she fell madly in love. She currently lives aboard her 34 ft. sailboat, Juniper, and has over 11,000 nautical miles of Pacific Ocean beneath her boat. She has sailed 8,500 of those miles solo. She and Juniper are currently floating in The Solomon Islands and will be competing in the 2026 Golden Globe Race which is a retro, solo, NONSTOP, around the world race, going from west to east and rounding the great capes. More people have been to space! The course is 30,000 nautical Miles and the most romantic part about it is that modern technology or single-use plastics are not allowed- no chartplotters, no autopilots, no phones- we will be navigating with the sun and stars, handwriting everything, collecting rain, cooking with kerosene and thus fully immersed in the heart of nature.
Olivia will talk about her sailing adventures and her plans for the Golden Globe race. Activities will begin around 5:30. Everyone is welcome to join us.
You can follow Olivia at find more information at these links.
Follow her on Instagram @wildernessofwaves
This document provides a lot of great detail about her adventure and opportunities for sponsorship