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Tiller Time & Casual Racing


GMSC members are invited to a series of Wednesday evening Tiller Time & Training Talks.


We will begin circa 5:30pm, as people are able to arrive after work, and end around sundown. We will try to meet on Wednesdays prior to race days. Please check the GMSC Event Calendar for times or cancellations.


At least one experienced sailor will attend each of these evening practice sails. We will use club Sunfish and Flying Scots or personal centerboard boats to get more tiller time. This includes any sort of practice the skipper needs: leaving/returning to dock, practicing all points of sail, tacking/gybing, mark rounding, rigging/unrigging, and more.


On evenings when the weather is not suitable for sailing practice, we will move to the pavilion or clubhouse for discussions. Potential topics include starting strategy, when to cover, rules, protest hearings (being a good witness, being protested, filing a protest), reading wind, safety questions, righting a capsized boat.

Summer 2023 Tiller Time