GMSC offers a weekend adult sailing class twice per year in the spring and fall. It’s a beginning sailing class that includes both classroom and on-the-water instruction.  The class is taught on keelboats and Flying Scots.

The curriculum includes:

  • Sailing Terminology
  • Parts of the Boat 
  • Points of Sail 

Chet Hight, a former national sailing champion with 55 years sailing, racing, and teaching experience, leads the classroom session and is one of our on-the-water instructors. The other instructors include seasoned sailors who have decades of experience teaching, sailing, and racing.

This class is intended to be either an introduction to sailing, or a skill building opportunity for family, friends, and crew of existing skippers. This is not a certification course. We reserve about half of the class entries for current club members and crew, or people who have an interest in joining us in the future! The goal of GMSC’s Adult Learn to Sail class is to teach performance sailing techniques that will provide students the knowledge and confidence they need to crew on others’ sailboats and work towards skippering their own. 

We meet in the classroom on Friday night to learn the parts of the boat, points of sail, and terminology and we learn on the water Saturday and Sunday. Students are taught on J/Boat keelboats and Flying Scots that are loaned by GMSC members. The class is limited to 18 students and the cost is $125 for non-members and $75 for members. We hope students will choose to participate in the GMSC Centerboard and/or Keelboat Racing program. 

Registration opens 30 days prior to class. We expect to have classes in the Spring and in the Fall.

Contact the Adult Learn to Sail chairperson here for more information.