GMSC ScuttleButt

2019 Spring Fling

GMSC 2019 Spring Fling is Saturday, May 4th

All members, crews, families, friends, and guests are invited to the annual Spring Fling.  There will be games, music, and an open bar.  Please bring an appetizer or dessert to share.  We will have prizes for the best dish and the best outfits!

Our throwback theme is set aboard a cruising party ship as she runs into trouble and begins to sink.  Muster at the GMSC Clubhouse on May 4th at 6pm wearing whatever you had on when the alarm sounded!  Were you on your way to bingo, or perhaps already in the casino?   Had you just returned from an excursion to a cooking class or a horseback ride on the beach?  Were you in your finest dress, dining with the captain, or were you still getting ready, with only half your jewelry on and still wearing slippers? Had you just won the hairy back contest or enjoyed a ChaCha class?  Were you at the spa still in a facemask, or sunning yourself by the pool, or perhaps posing for photos with whacky props?  Let your fun personality shine through in your outfit for this year's party!